YTTERS V5 Website which was displayed during 2003-2007. I've put it in here just to revive the memoirs of our good old chatting days.

YTTERS Renovation

As of now, YTTERS is refactoring all of its code to the latest Laravel technology. This means more upcoming features, more innovative and more surprises awaits!

Perhaps one of the site favorite is the YTTERS MP3 which contains 2,000+ streaming mp3. Of course, we do care for our bandwidth that's why the quality is enough only for personal use.

For 15 years, we do survive. Sad to say but Friendster, Yahoo Chatroom, and many others have goneby but we still here. Alive, kicking and riding with the latest trend. YTTERS Founder, Arnel Milan

Y-TTERS is a filipino based group that enhanced the filipino culture of friendship, trust and relationships. Times passby and we've proven our record by visiting and consulting our members. Most of them preffered to stay even if the yahoo chat world is already gone.

Every YTTERS Member will have this kind of content while they are inside the site. Yes, you can create your own page, promote and save your personal diary, memories and others. We are offering services that is totally different to other website and totally FREE! .

Y-TTERS offers a wide range of products and services for free. This is a non-profit group and if you want to help or support, rest assured that your donation will be part of our growing population.

DJ_Arnel Nag-uupdate muna ako at matagal din pala na pending ito. Sa mga nabisita dito ay recommended ko ang diary para sa inyo.
ixiRiAixi Sana mag ka meron ng Update na may chat rooms dito, para makapag kamustahan, or yung iba na naalala pa ang website na ito, nakakamiss lng yung kelngan mo pa pumunta sa internet cafe, para lang makipag chat sa PC16, at mga naging kaibigan mo.
Ou Kamuzta feitan nga pla guys Kamuzta dj arnel founder
ixiRiAixi hello sa lahat, may active paba? nakakamiss yung dating Chat Room, sana magkaron ulit, masayang ka kwentuhan at tambayan kahit online, sana may GC ng ytters ulet, God Bless..
ixiRiAixi i miss this clan :)
jeff_igana I'm back Buhay pa pala eto. Kamusta ang lahat.
DJ_Arnel Hello CoolJay musta na?
Jootz_cooljay Hello
Y']['']['eR$_DjManILA2002 Y']['']['eRs pag mayganyan sa codename mo astig ka dati at kulitan sa messanger kamusta na kau hindi ko na matandaan ang cs na ginamit ko dati hehhehehehehe sumali ako sa clan na ito nung 2003 ata o 2005
Della Meek I forget what I was searching for but I stumbled upon your site and loved it! Something about the content and layout that I felt compelled to give you some positive feedback. Anyway keep up the great work and have a pleasant day.

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