Joined Date : August 2, 2006

joanna fr cleofas


Bday : May 26, 1989


kingspoint nova

quezon city


Status :

juz a simple grl..adict 2 chat!!,sweet,cheerful n lots..i luv music too! evrythings nice for me!..i dont care wat peepz thnkx bout me! dey don;t care bout me..n dey cant put me down juz like dat cuz im strong enough...yeah thatz right!! i kno lotz of thingz though ye think am juz 18yo..... oder peeps seys am funny, fun2bwith, sweet,cool, hehe lolz! Dey zei am jolly, friendly, trustworthy, loving, cute, wutever...I think, doz thingz r only sum of mah personality dat they see in me but as far as I believe, dis things are only part of myself dat ofcourse, made me unique.. n as u can see der r lotz of things u should know bout me.. cuz ye stl don't know hu i rili am.

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